Ryan Lovelace

Ryan Lovelace Keel Fish 5'10

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A classic amongst classics... The Twin Keel Fish has sparked a generation of curiosity and is an extremely fun and comlpex surfboard to shape.  The lineage of the Keel Fish is long, I try to shape mine as classic as I can - utlizing tips and tricks shown to me by my favorite fish shapers, most notably Rich Pavel.  There are many details and tricks in a good fish design and though they all look decently alike, its the details that make the difference.  

Ride 'em small as you can!  Stretched out fishes are great fun and I'm happy to shape them, but in keeping true to the classic design, I like to shape these about as small as I can while staying within the comfort zone of the particular surfer.  from 4'10" to about 5'8" is the most original size range, but customs up and well over 6' are common for those looking for a dependable cruiser with plenty of life on rail.