Firewire Surfboards Tomo SKX 5'10

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Tavola da surf Firewire SKX 5'10 x 19 1/8 x 2 7/16 28.7 Lt.  5 scasse fcs2 

Tavola performante che rende al meglio in condizione di onde 3-7 Piedi.

All of Daniel Thomson’s Modern Planing Hull philosophies, elegantly placed within the traditional high performance shortboard.

According to Daniel: “My M.P.H. philosophy is that at ground level, every board should work well in crappy conditions. But the SKX also works well in the conditions I designed it for, which is more of an unruly ocean where a planning hull, a wide tail, might be too much lift and speed. with the SKX, the squash tail will give a little more control in those situations.”

But what matters most in the SKX is the design placed within that squash tail – Tomo’s Quad Inside Single Concave.

He describes it: “A regular channel might feel more trackey and drivey, whereas the Q.I.S.C. enhances speed and promotes detachment from the water until the board is on-rail. At that point, it really grips into the wave like a channel bottom. It’s the best of both worlds.”

In speaking about the SKX, Daniel draws comparisons to it’s obvious predecessor – his Sci-Fi for Slater Designs. And while the two boards are related, they’re separate shapes for separate conditions.

Generally, most surfers will find that the Sci-Fi excels most in flatter faced waves like Trestles, while the SKX is optimized more towards round faces like Snapper.

Stuey Kennedy has been surfing this LFT shape in waves 4 to 14 foot, but most surfers will find its sweet spot in 3 to 7 foot waves.